Recenty Gearbox Innovations started a cooperation with This leads towards more results and data driven information for the growers of both companies.

Gearbox and make data-driven cultivation possible
Data-driven cultivation, also known as Data Driven Growing, is a common concept. How can greenhouse growers respond to this? and Gearbox Innovations work together to support growers in this. combines plant physiology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the basis for smart solutions. When this knowledge is brought together with image analysis and the knowledge about Gearbox AI, this results in new insights for you as a grower.

“By combining images and data in a smart way, new insights are created into how plants respond to circumstances. By responding to this, it is possible for growers to achieve better crop results”, said Peter Hendriks (Managing Director

Gearbox supplies high-quality cameras and sensors and makes smart software that automatically monitors the growth and quality of plants and fruits or flowers. In addition, the company can automate the resulting (crop) operations. The data generated by the Gearbox products (GearSense and GearVision) is made visible in

Because discloses multiple data sources at nurseries, growers have the option to make this image analysis and sensor data visible in their own dashboard in addition to the data from, for example, the climate computer. This dashboard is completely adjusted based on the needs of the individual grower. In addition to displaying the data, it is possible to analyse the data within MyLetsGrow. For example, it is possible to analyse the effect of extra light on the growth of the crop. In addition, more in-depth analysis can be done, including the stress level of a crop. The data analysts of are ready for users to dive deeper into this.

“We make smart innovations together,” says Peter Hendriks, “we reinforce each other.”

Just like, Gearbox is also growing internationally. Gearbox supplies both internationally and nationally mainly to breeders and growers. Gearbox helps a grower or a breeder further with providing more insights and optimization of cultivation process. Gearbox also automates monitoring and analysis of plant organs such as Leaf Area Index (LAI) etc. Gearbox assesses quality and development in order to optimize the cultivation process, save costs and increase product quality.