Our customers are just like us …

love for new developments and passion for their product and quality.

Innovations for A grower with a good idea or with a problem Breeder with the desire to monitor and analyze even better Arable farmer with ambition to monitor on a larger scale Food producers with sustainable challenges Quality managers of distribution centers Grower with smart multi-layer cultivation and need for robotisation

But especially: visionaries!

Companies that look beyond the present day and go along with developments in vision techniques, robotics and artificial intelligence.

People who also see that software can take over our brain. And especially entrepreneurs who want to provide an extra seal of approval through our automated, self-learning GearVision.

Together with our customers we design and make high-tech products that make a smart contribution to daily work. How the process can be done more efficiently by using smart technology. We make big data transparent and provide readable reports. Understandable outcomes that reveal where potential improvements can be made. And which process and product can be optimised.

We feel at home in a greenhouse and follow the product from seed to customer.

We make innovations on all fronts, practically and effectively.


Our projects are almost always top secret. After all, you don’t want your competitors to come up with the same ideas tomorrow? Naturally, we will explain more about our approach and the possibilities during a meeting.