New innovations require a little personal attention

Gearbox design. A workable idea.


I have a good idea, but how do I make it? Quality must be 100%. How do I prove that?

As a Westlands R & D bureau we are researchers, analysts, designers and engineers. No. Not all at once. For this we have a team of thinkers and doers. Together with the customer we optimise work processes and visualise growth processes. From concept to the final product. We are unique in this.

Where do you start?

You start with the product. Your product is the sensor and from there wewill build the solution with building blocks. We go on a journey of discovery together because every product is different. We map opportunities and challenges to arrive at a realistic ‘proof of concept’, and then actually realise the product. We do this with a Westland mentality: smart, practical and with our sleeves rolled-up. We like to work together with our customers to achieve the best result together.


We, like our customers, feel most at home in a nursery and follow the product between all processes that take place from seed to barn door. We make innovations on all fronts, practically and effectively.


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