Realtime vision analyses in cultivation

Up to speed, in various climate and lighting conditions

Harvest ripeness detection based on vision & A

Smart camera’s with artificial intelligence as a colleague

Harvest assistance with visual indicators

Robotic enhancements to work smarter every day

Instant insights in live greenhouse stock

Understandable real time reports of growth stages

GearRover: Smart Greenhouse Assistant
The GearRover is a dynamic workplace with Harvest Assistance supporting human handling in a greenhouse environment with vision and AI algorithms.

The GearRover Assistant enhances employees in assessing the ripeness development of cut flowers and vegetable crops. Integrated cameras on a harvest trolley, combined with smart software and machine learning, determines the growth stage of the crop or flower. Supported by a laser, the flowers and fruits ready for harvest are visually presented to the user.

At the same time, the GearRover collects a lot of data about growth stages and other relevant traits. This digitized data provides insight into the harvest predictions, crop quality and expected yield, resulting in more insights; usability, accuracy, reliability and all information directly and clearly in the hands of your cultivation specialist and sales department.

GearRover: Harvest assistant
Advanced real-time vision measurements with artificial intelligence makes this robot your personal harvesting assistant.

  • Detects vegetable and flower ripeness
  • Data-driven visualization of crops to harvest
  • Harvest ripeness assessment of various varieties
  • Detailed reports of real-time stock in the greenhouse
  • Validates ripeness and advises the employee
  • From plant to full greenhouse analysis
  • Available as scout assistant or hybrid harvest assistant