Gearbox present at GreenTech Americas!

Are you curious how the next generation of horticultural workforce will help you with your daily business? Please visit us during the Greentech Americas, which will be held from 24 – 26 August 2021.

GreenTech Americas is the meeting place for all professionals involved in horticultural technology in the Mexico region and the rest of the Americas. The exhibition focuses on the early stages of the horticultural production chain and the relevant problems that arise for producers.

Gearbox is enhancing growers, breeders & traders to safeguard quality and work smarter every day. Gearbox sets new quality standards in monitoring, grading and control by converting data & insights into efficient crop, fruit and flower handling through AI and Robotics.

Gearbox develops, designs and builds advanced AI and data savvy machinery & equipment to enable the hortibusiness, food and agriculture to have the highest possible degree of control over their product quality. The integrated solutions based on vision, sensoring, AI and robotics, consolidated in our data driven cloud platform, makes Gearbox a data driven technology company.

We create insights by real time growth monitoring and growth forecast, secure quality by post-harvest inspection, reduce risk and save operational costs to create the highest level of control and consistency for our clients.

Interested? We look forward to meet you at booth 643 in the Queretaro Centro de Congresos!