Greentech 2022

Simone Keijzer is the CEO and Co-founder of Gearbox. Gearbox enhances growers, breeders and traders to safeguard quality and work smarter every day using vision, machine learning and robotics. Born and raised in Westland, The Nederlands, her roots are in agriculture. With a passion for usability, smart technology and ‘green finger’ experience, the Gearbox team is growing fast. Started in 2016, they now have a team of 30+ Gearboxers, from mechanical engineers, AI developers, robotic specialists and data analysts. Gearbox develops the next generation horticultural workforce, containing a quality inspector, cultivation inspector, packing assistant and harvest assistant. Today, Simone presents the latest addition to the Gearbox product family: GearRover. This digital harvest assistant shows harvesters in the greenhouse real time which rose is ready to harvest.