EasyX: The add-on quality inspection for existing sorters

Using the latest camera techniques and artificial intelligence (AI), EasyX manages the inline quality control and grading of vegetables and flowers, as add-on to new and existing sorting lines.

EasyX monitors individual fruits or flowers and grades during processing to prevent poor-quality fruits from ending up with the customer. It can reject products which do not meet the required quality criteria for the customer. Some rejected products can still be sold to specific customers with lower demands in quality. Typical rejects can be harvesting damage, transport damage, decay, insects or shape and various other abnormalities.

The intuitive user interface allows you to set your preferred quality standard for each customer. The extensive reporting dashboard presents real-time quality results per day, batch and/or supplier. This provides factual and objective input for onboarding and improving employees, assessing suppliers but also early detection of disease and pests.

The advantages of the EasyX

  • Real time insights in harvest quality (employees, location and/or supplier)
  • Optimize sorting to eliminate waste by automatically controlling class 1, 2 and 3 output
  • Labor savings, no more employees needed at quality control in front of machine
  • Consistent and objective assessment

Mitigate risks

Smart cameras and AI software ensure 100% objective quality control

Safeguard quality

Ensure continuity and control of your deliveries with digital QC knowledge

Saving costs

Saves at least 1 FTE in labor costs

Real-time insight

Clear reports for insight into performance per employee and supplier