e.g. tomatoes in a 5-kilo box

Punnet or bowl

e.g. grapes in a punnet


e.g. vegetables in a crate or inspection of the empty crate

GearStation: The smart workstation

Harvesting and packing requires knowledgeable employees to perform the final quality control in the last stage of the sorting/packing process. Although everyone does their best, it is still human work and therefore not objective and consistent. Are you considering automating this process? The GearStation provides a 100% in-line quality inspection on the work done by man and machine.

How the GearStation works

Using the latest camera techniques and artificial intelligence (AI), the harvesting and packaging process prevents poor-quality fruits from ending up with the customer. You can personally set the quality standard in the user-friendly operator interface. Each quality standard can be set separately and saved for later use.

The extensive reporting dashboard allows real-time monitoring of quality per standard, batch and/or supplier. This provides factual and objective input for onboarding and improving employees, assessing suppliers but also early detection of disease and pests.

What products does the GearStation inspect?

With the GearStation we can inspect and sort different types of fruits, vegetables and flowers packed in trays, punnets, crates, boxes and buckets or without any packaging. Examples include tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, avocados and stone fruit. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the GearStation also assesses cut flowers such as roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, lilies and tulips. The GearStation can also be used to inspect empty cleaned crates.

Mitigate risks

Smart cameras and AI software ensure 100% objective quality control

Safeguard quality

Ensure continuity and control of your deliveries with digital QC knowledge

Saving costs

Saves at least 1 FTE in labor costs

Real-time insight

Clear reports for insight into performance per employee and supplier