Cost Savings

Save on direct labor costs
and reduce damage control

Mitigate Risk  

Smart cameras and AI ensure 100% objective quality control

Safeguard quality

Ensure continuity and control of your deliveries with digital QC knowledge

Realtime Insights

Get clear reports with insight on performance per greenhouse, crop and supplier

GearPerformer: The smart robot station

GearPerformer provides digitization and robotization for your fruit and vegetable packaging process. A great solution for when employees must inspect hundreds of products per minute at the inspection belt. Maintaining the QC standard is difficult, especially with the added challenge of finding staff and eventual turnover. Although everyone does their utmost, quality control remains sensitive to error, interpretation and other variables.

GearPerformer offers a solution. By using the latest in camera techniques and artificial intelligence, this smart robot generates a 360° quality assessment and allows you to customize the quality standard via a user-friendly interface.

Each quality phenomenon, such as damage, color and shape deviation, can be individually set. Additionally, the extensive reporting dashboard allows for real-time monitoring of quality per phenomenon, batch and supplier. Perfect for further cultivation and supplier optimization.

This high-tech robot not only sorts the good from the bad, but it can also further sort products into Class II, Class III and Reject. By placing value in the residual flow, GearPerformer offers a sustainable solution in the fight against food waste.

Automated quality inspection

Make this 24/7 digital QC robot your new colleague and benefit from the following: 

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Save on direct labor costs for sorting
  • Increase quality level through consistent and objective control
  • Customize quality profiles per customer
  • Reduce complaints and, subsequently, damage control due to erroneous product delivery
  • Easily adapt it to existing sorting processes
  • Scale it up modularly per line
  • In the event of a malfunction or peak period, you can initiate manual checks
  • Data integration to ERP and other Gearbox products


  • For a cup and bucket filler
  • For multihead and linear weighers
  • For a sorting machine
  • For your facility