100% Quality control

AI-driven detection and product control based on your specified inspection profile

Cost recovery within two years

In many cases, up to 1 FTE in labour cost savings

Reduce claims

Rejection of products that do not meet your quality criteria

Product digitalisation

Reports provide clear overview of your products stored in a digital database

GearPerformer: The smart robot station

The GearPerformer provides in-line quality inspection and sorting of fruits and/or vegetables. Loose product on the reading conveyor that is assessed by employees before it goes to the bucket filler or sorting machine. The issues surrounding objective grading and 100% quality control are playing an increasingly important role throughout the supply chain. Quality judgment now requires knowledge and thinking skills from an employee during the processing process. In addition to the challenge of finding staff, staff turnover is also a threat to keeping the quality standard constant. Although everyone does their best, it is still human work and prone to interpretation.

The GearPerformer, based on the latest camera techniques and AI (artificial intelligence), then offers a solution. The GearPerformer picks out robotized Class II and rejected product from the line so that no wrong product ends up with your customer. It evaluates all products during processing to meet the quality requirements you have defined. The rejected product is presented loose so it can be repaired to still go to your end customer. The information that becomes available from this assessment is unlocked to the reporting environment. This provides valuable input for induction and assessment of employees and early detection of disease & pests. So your overall quality goes up and in the process the GearPerformer directly saves knowledge employees in your processing process.

This digital quality inspector digitizes and automates quality inspection above the reading belt 24/7
  • Direct labor savings for quality employees on the belt
  • Consistent and objective quality control shortly before packing
  • Different inspection profiles can be set up per customer
  • Separate sorting of class 2 and rejects in the same setup (valorize residual flow)
  • Fit into existing sorting processes
  • Reduces claims because no more wrong product goes to your end customer
  • Saves recovery labor later in the process
  • Modular upscaling per line
  • Can optionally be supplemented with manual control in case of failure or peak period
  • Data integration to ERP and other Gearbox products possible


  • For a cup and bucket filler
  • For multihead and linear weighers
  • For a sorting machine