100% Quality control

AI-driven detection and product control based on your specified inspection profile

Reduce claims

Rejection of products that do not meet your quality criteria

Product digitalisation

Reports provide clear overview of your products stored in a digital database

Cost recovery within two years

In many cases, up to 1 FTE in labour cost savings

GearStation: Digital quality control
Using artificial intelligence and the latest camera technologies, GearStation manages the inline quality control and grading of fruit, vegetables and flowers, as individual units, in punnets or in crates. Now, quality control requires the mental capacity and expertise of your employees during processing. Despite everyone’s best efforts, mistakes can still occur in packaging products or washing crates. New employees need to be trained, and experienced employees may have the occasional off day. No problem, because GearStation ensures that your customers never receive unacceptable products. It checks all products during processing and rejects them if they do not meet your specified quality criteria. Rejected products can be reassessed and sent to your customer, if deemed acceptable. The information from this quality control is sent to the reporting environment. This provides valuable input for training and appraising employees and your IPM (Insect & Pest Management).
GearStation: pre-flow packer
This digital quality inspector 24/7 meticulously and consistently checks the quality of your products in punnets, cardboard boxes or reusable crates.
  • Reliable insight into the quality of your product and packing workers
  • Ability to set up different inspection profiles for each customer
  • Avoids the continues need for a QC on the line
  • Reduces claims because unacceptable products are no longer sent to the customer
  • Reduces remediation labour costs later in the process
  • High-quality information for crop growers and quality managers


  • In front of a flow packer
  • Behind a flow packer
  • In front of a palletiser
GearStation: crate inspector

This digital crate inspector 24/7 meticulously and consistently checks the quality of reusable crates for remnants of organic material, stickers, damage, etc.

  • Reliable insight into the quality of incoming reusable crates
  • By rejecting dirty crates, you steadily create a cleaner crate pool
  • Less risk of spreading viruses
  • Fewer broken crates prevent damage to your products
  • Reduces labour costs and disruption later in the process


  • For reusable incoming crates
  • Behind a crate washing machine
  • In front of the sorting machine