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GearVision as smart colleague

What makes the GearVision so special? The way in which it maps products. The harvested product; a tomato, cucumber, paprika, but also kalanchoe, gerbera or rose is a sensor.

It tells us whether it had a nice life when it was still growing, if it got the right amounts of water or food … and whether it was treated well by the staff during the growing and harvesting process. That product tells something about the process, the potential and the quality, information that enables us to gain new insights. This allows both the product and the process to be optimised.

We measure the traits of vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. We detect:

  • Moisture
  • Decay
  • Length
  • Width
  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Growth
  • Shape deformities
  • Caterpillar
  • Damage
  • Colour
  • Burn
  • Mold

The Big Data we receive as result, is presented in clear visual reports, so new cultivation insights can occur. Discover more about the GearVision, or give us a call!

GearVision. For everyone who wants to move forward!

Advanced vision analysis with artificial intelligence makes this robot your advanced colleague.

  • Detects damages, caterpillar, colour, burn, mold, decay and viruses
  • Measures diameter, length, height, product weight
  • From fruit and vegetables to complete plant analysis
  • Modulair setup for Inspector and Sorter models
  • Track and trace of product, process and personnel
  • Visual reports and data


  • Assess the quality of the product
  • Make as much product information as possible transparent and visualise it in a structured way
  • Present, compare and analyse large amounts of data in insightful reports
  • Gain feedback for cultivation and quality managers Curious?

Meet the GearVision Academy

Our software learns through our GearVision Academy. By showing examples of products with a certain phenomenon (for example products with caterpillars, rot or mould), the GearVision becomes smarter. We continuously record new phenomena … and expand the GearVision brain. That makes it easier to detect organic products. Faster. And more reliable.