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GearVision is on the innovation map

In addition to flowers, vegetables and fruit, innovation is an important export product of Westland. In a constant changing climate, knowledge about sustainable cultivation and business is worth gold. The only disadvantage: the innovations are spread over a fairly large area and they are not always visible. It is difficult to let the innovation become […]

A robot as a colleague

Yes. It is true. A robot as a colleague… Simone tells that this will be ‘normal’ in a couple of years. During the masterclass earlier this week, Simone knew how to excite a group of young foreign flower growers to adopt a robot as their new colleague. Even a robot can learn, just like people, […]

We are the pioneerings promise at the Hillenraad SUB40!

Yes. We have got some amazing news. We are the pioneering promise at the HIllenraad SUB40, which makes us wildly attractive to the SUB40-ers in the horticultural sector! This is what they say about us: “Phenotyping is the magic word in horticulture. How do we make the link between genetics, cultivation and harvesting? And if […]

All HortiHero’s meet Simone

Innovative ideas, estabilshed entrepreneurs, technicians, high potentials, start-ups and challenges of the Food & Flower industry. HortiHero’s brought them together during the frist UnConfrence on the 11th of October with the innovation-communities of Venture Café and CIC Rotterdam. Goal? Learn as much as possible from each other in just one afternoon. Preferably cases you can apply […]