Innovatiekaart GearVision

GearVision is on the innovation map

In addition to flowers, vegetables and fruit, innovation is an important export product of Westland. In a constant changing climate, knowledge about sustainable cultivation and business is worth gold. The only disadvantage: the innovations are spread over a fairly large area and they are not always visible. It is difficult to let the innovation become acquainted with the world this way…

There is it: the innovation card

With this, the innovation map helps. Westland has built an innovation map, which is a visual representation of a garden area in which the user can find and discover innovations. Every innovation has been given its own place on the map.

Meet GearVision

GearVision has also been given a nice place on the innovation map. You can find GearVision at ‘Robotics; under the subitem ‘Quality control’. With the innovations of GearVision the greenhouse is equipped with sensors and camera. The cameras and sensors are the eyes that can determine the product quality, monitor the sorting or watch the entrance and exit. In combination with artificial intelligence and smart sensors, the quality of the product in the greenhouse is mapped. Practical, reliable and detailed.

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Innovatiekaart GearVision