Seminar on Robotics | GreenTech 2023

During the GreenTech event, an inspiring seminar on robotics took place at the RAI in Amsterdam. The seminar was held on Tuesday, June 13th, from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.

Our colleague Harm participated in a panel discussion during the seminar. He shared his insights alongside prominent experts in the field. The panel members were:

  • Mr. Daisuke Kobayashi, Senior Director
  • Mr. Kazunori Ninomiya, General Manager of Shibuya Seiki
  • Mr. Tom Coen, CEO of Octiva
  • Mr. Harm van Adrichem, CFO of Gearbox Innovations

The panel engaged in discussions on various topics, including the question: “What does the revolution in horticulture bring: robotics or AI?” Harm shared his experiences and provided an answer to this question, along with the other panel members.