Gearbox Innovations

Gearbox Innovations inspires future leaders in vegetables

For years horticultural managers all over the world have been connected with the knowledge and technology from The Netherlands. After a Pro Manager Mastercourse of two weeks they are all caught up with the latest developments in The Netherlands. This time the focus was on (greenhouse) vegetables and we inspired future leaders in vegetables with our GearVision en GearSense.

Our building blocks

Together with all the participants we visited a GearVision for a cucumber assessment and we saw the GearSense working its magic. With GearSense you can follow the growth of the crop from day to day, monitor the developments and analyze in our cloud-dashboard what your cultivation strategy will be. While having a drink and some food, we gave a presentation of Gearbox Innovations. Who are we? What do we do? What are our building blocks? What do our products do? And what is our approach? It was a very fun and inspiring day!

Pro Manager Mastercourse

The Pro Manager Mastercourse welcomes 15 inspired horticultural managers in between the ages of 25 to 40 years old, which will be playing a leading role in future developments of plant productions in their country or region. This will of course be in an innovative and sustainable way.

The program

For two weeks the participants will focus on current problems and also opportunities in horticulture. There is a lot of possibility to share knowledge and experiences with each other. During the Pro Manager Mastercourse, all participants will work on a future strategy of their company and present their vision on the last day of the course on Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Will we see you at Fruit Logistica?