VIDEO | GearStation: Smart Workstation for Quality Control

New GearStation Video containing new customer cases on using the smart workstation for digital quality control.

GearStation ensures a total in-line quality inspection of work performed by man and machine. It not only assesses cleaned, empty barrels, but also packaged vegetables, fruit and flowers on a tray, in a punnet, or in the final keg. As it currently stands, quality control (QC) is based on samples, requiring the employee’s thinking skills and knowledge during processing. Although everyone does their utmost, QC remains sensitive to error, interpretation and other variables.

GearStation offers a solution. By using the latest in camera technology and artificial intelligence, this smart workstation allows you to customize the QC standards via the user-friendly interface. Each quality phenomenon can be individually set. Additionally, the extensive reporting dashboard allows real-time monitoring of quality per phenomenon, batch and supplier. This provides factual and objective input useful for training employees, assessing suppliers and the early detection of disease and pests.

Most importantly, GearStation gives you the option to prevent erroneous product from ending up with customers after processing. To do so, it uses a self-learning improvement process that resends the product to the packaging employee. This also ensures that incorrect product does not get wasted. An efficient, reliable and sustainable system for ensuring top-notch QC.

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